On January 10th, we had the pleasure of hosting Yolande Macias, the dedicated Founder and Director of Conexion Latina Newport.  Yolande provided us with heartfelt insight into the invaluable work her organization undertakes for the Latina community in Newport/Middletown. With warmth and passion, she illuminated the comprehensive range of services needed to assist non-English speaking newcomers in navigating their way to a new life here.



Conexion Latina's commitment goes beyond the basics, encompassing fundamental needs such as clothing and daily sustenance. Yet, it doesn't stop there. The organization extends its caring embrace to help address critical aspects like housing, employment, medical insurance, school enrollment, legal services and advocacy. Yolande and her team at Conexion Latina embody the spirit of support, going above and beyond to ensure that every member of the Latina community finds the assistance they require to establish a sense of belonging and normalcy in the Newport area.

Adding to the testament of Conexion Latina's impactful work,  Lori Turner, Middletown’s Healthy Communities Coordinator and board member of Conexion Latina, emphasized, "They truly are at the heart of the Hispanic community, supporting individuals and families and serving as a vital bridge to help area nonprofits, school departments, and towns better meet the needs of this growing community."