On February 14th we were treated to Kim Usselman’s presentation and some interesting discussions.  Here is a summary of her presentation, “Middletown Library: A Journey Through Time and Vision for the Future” with a link to her slide presentation at the end.

The Middletown Library has a rich history dating back to 1848, evolving through various milestones, including building transitions and renovations. Currently facing challenges with inadequate space, structural issues, and limitations, the library aims to redefine its future.

Envisioning a new, adaptable, and sustainable space, the plan includes spacious meeting rooms, program areas, and dedicated spaces for different age groups, fostering community engagement. The library seeks to enhance outdoor spaces and maintain a commitment to inclusivity. The need for trained staff and adequate resources is emphasized to realize the mission and vision.

The town has plans for a new building including a bond for its construction on the November ballot. Next Steps include forming a Building Committee for expertise, considering additional fundraising efforts, and the creation of a Library Foundation. Plans involve temporary relocation during construction, and community involvement in the decision-making process, reflecting a bold step towards the library's future.  The Library = The heart of any community