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September 28, 2023 Bulletin

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  • SERVICE ACTIVITY INVITE - We are looking for ideas for a service activity for our club in November.  If you are aware of any needs in our community that we might wish to address, please bring them to the attention of the club meeting on October 4th or contact Janice
  • NEW WEBSITE - Middletown Rotary Club launched its new website in September.  Explore the new site at:   Go explore and if you have suggestions, please send them to Janice.
  • ZOOM OPTION - The club began offering a zoom option on September 6th.  Members who wish to “zoom in” should send a request to Tom at least by the day before. The zoom link for the 2023-24 Rotary year is: 
  • INTERACT CLUB - The Middletown/Newport Rotary sponsored Interact Club held its first meeting on September 25th for youth ages 12-18.  Club meetings will be held every two weeks at the YMCA in Middletown.  If you know of any young people who would like to have an Interact experience, contact
  • SPRING FLOWERS - The Rotary is funding spring flowering bulbs for planting in the raised bed that welcomes visitors to Middletown Valley Park.
  • BINGO NIGHT - On September 8th, the Middletown Rotary Club held its first Bingo Night at Vasco da Gama Hall. The event, organized by Deb Bryan and Lois Murray, was a huge success. Laughter, excitement, and a strong sense of community filled the air as participants enjoyed the games and the camaraderie.
  • SPEAKERS - Summaries of our September speakers can be found below.  Enjoy!
  • Wed. Sept. 6th Speaker - Dick Bernardi - Whistleblowers in the Classroom  
  • Wed. Sept. 13th Speaker - Steve Fine -  Melanoma 
  • Wed. Sept. 20th Speaker - Ed Crowley - Hunger Services at MLK
  • Wed. Sept. 27th Speaker - Dennis Sheehan - Artificial Intelligence & Economics
  • OCTOBER ACTIVITIES -  Upcoming Meetings, Speakers, Activities & Events can now be viewed on our club site:
September 2023 Speakers
Dennis Sheehan - Artificial Intelligence & Economics
"Dr. Dennis Sheehan, retired professor of Economics at the Smeal College of Business gave an energizing talk on the advancements in generative AI, describing its ability to generate text and images much more cheaply than humans. Dr. Sheehan went on to describe the possible impact of AI on the economy, focusing on whether AIs will take over most jobs and create more economic inequality. He discussed some reasons for optimism, followed by a lively question and answer period with attendees.  A particular topic of interest to Rotarians was, "will AI increase or decrease the economic gaps between the developed world and the developing world."  
ED Crowley - Hunger Services for Martin Luther King Food Pantry
Ed Crowley plays a crucial role within the MLK food distribution team. Given our Club's longstanding support for the MLK organization, Ed insights into how MLK collects food items from various sources and efficiently distributes added nicely to our previous understanding.  Ed actively manages the collection of food from numerous suppliers and ensures the smooth distribution of these items to a wide range of organizations and individuals. 
Steve Fine - Melanoma Education Foundation
Steve Fine, the President of the Melanoma Education Foundation, delivered an eye-opening presentation in September. He discussed the importance of melanoma awareness, early detection, and prevention. He helped us understand both the risks and the ways to protect ourselves from it including valuable information on how to recognize the signs of melanoma, the role of regular skin checks, and the significance of sunscreen and protective measures.  For both those members that attended and for those that missed this valuable presentation, Steve has sent us follow-up links.  I encourage you to view these and to share them with others. 
    Dick Bernardi - Whistleblowing in the Classroom
    Dick Bernardi presented insightful research done by he and his students on the topic of whistleblowing in the classroom, shedding light on the importance of transparency and accountability in educational settings and on how this transfers to real life.
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