Cheryl Hatch, the Newport Bureau Reporter at The Public's Radio/89.3 FM, brings a wealth of experience to her role. With a background spanning photo journalism and reporting across newspapers, wire services, and European press agencies, Cheryl is a seasoned multi-lingual storyteller and educator with extensive global exposure. Her international journalism career notably includes coverage of conflict in the Middle East and Africa.

In her capacity as a bureau reporter, Cheryl delves into the lives of individuals on Aquidneck Island and in Newport County, focusing keenly on the issues that shape their existence. During our recent meeting, Cheryl shared three very different stories, each offering a unique perspective on local issues. Fortunately, as her work is in radio, all three stories are accessible through links provided below.

The first story delves into the history and recent closure of Gary's Handy Lunch, which is significant to the club and especially to our treasurer Beth, who is the granddaughter of its founders.The second narrative explores the local angle of the affordable housing crisis, narrated through the lens of a young man's valiant but unsuccessful efforts to effect change. Lastly, Cheryl tackles the pressing issue of climate change, contextualized within the framework of Newport County.

Cheryl's stories are not just reports; they offer a nuanced analysis of each situation, providing depth and insight into the issues affecting our community. 

The Public’s Radio:

Newport says goodbye to iconic Thames Street Diner:

Rhode Island lawmakers propose plan to tackle climate-related coastal threats:

URI grad fought for affordable housing in Middletown. Now he’s priced out, too:

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