Feb 14, 2024 6:30 PM
Kim Usselman - Director of the Middletown Library
Unlocking Worlds at Your Fingertips: A Journey Through our Vibrant Library Oasis!

Join the new Middletown Library Director, Kimberly Usselman, on a captivating journey through the heart of all communities—the library! I can't wait to share the magic that awaits within our walls. Picture this: my days as a children's librarian, sparking laughter in kindergarten classes. I'd ask, "Can you get a cheeseburger at the library?" and the resounding "noooooooo" would fill the room. Little did we know, the landscape of libraries was transforming into a vibrant community space! Nowadays, you might find cooking demonstrations with mouthwatering samples, borrow cooking equipment for gourmet experiments, or join a cookbook book club to share secret recipes.

But that's just the beginning. Libraries across the nation are evolving into treasure troves of experiences. Borrow a bike repair kit, dive into workshops on bike maintenance, or explore the world of electric bikes. Need snowshoes for a winter adventure? Yes, some libraries have those too! My, how times have changed! Libraries are no longer just a home for books; they are a dynamic hub where the impossible becomes possible. So, as we gather at the Rotary Club meeting, let's dream together—what do you envision your library can become in the next 10 years, and what role would you like it to play right here in Middletown?

So, can you get a cheeseburger at the library? Maybe!